Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dearest Mother and Father,

I really enjoyed reading your letters. It sounds like such a wonderful experience you both have had this week with various baptismal services and lots going on. I can`t imagine how you all are feeling with this last month coming on. I can imagine the determined attitude that you both have to leave the mission in the best condition possible for the next mission president.

Well, I have had a wonderful week, and also some sad news. I´ll get the sad things out first. I heard a couple of hours ago that Eneyda -- that got baptized in Independencia -- passed away. It is really real to me....the plan of salvation. It didn`t shock me, because I had known it was possible, but it still surprised me a little bit. I feel the impression that as soon as I can (after the mission) I should do the temple work for I have to wait a whole year for that?

On Tuesday, we have Zone Leader`s Council. It was very very interesting. I don`t know if I mentioned that last time, new rules were introduced 1. we ccn`t play with any animals and 2. we can`t eat from stands on the street (the second one is soooo hard!) But this Council, there weren`t any new rules. Last transfer various Zone Leaders changed and this coming transfer 8 more will change...making the majority of the Zone Leaders that will be interesting to see. It is cool to see in other areas how their attitude affects sooo much the results and the success that they have. Elder Hercules this transfer will be leaving the offices (after 10 and a half months) and go out, probably as a ZL. I`m crossing my fingers, because I know that Elder Covington will be transferred this transfer.

I feel sooo happy to be in this area. So. Saturday. It was pretty special the Baptismal Service. Lots of members came, and their weren`t enough seats so some of us had to stand. There were a couple of talks, we sang a special musical number, and then the ordenance. First, the Hernandez Family was baptized. We were behind the scenes with Anabelly and her four kids. We took turns baptizing and it was so fun, spiritual, and happy. Josè Alberto is 13 years old, and he was sooo happy to be baptized with pretty much his whole family. It was very special. Then Alicia and Evelyn were baptized. Also, very special. Afterwards, the Primary President gave a welcome and Faith in God to Alondra, the YW Pres gave Personal Progress to Evelyn and Viviana, the Bishop gave Duty to God to Josè Alberto, and the Relief Society Pres gave a welcome to Alicia and Anabelly and Tania. Afterwards, Evelyn and Alicia (the two on the left side of the photo) gave their testimonies. They are both very intelligent, and gave firm testimonies. She shared how she had attended 8 years pretty faithfully a Christian Church and never felt to get baptized, and here in less than a month she could prepare herself for that step. It was pretty special all of it. I am so grateful for the opportunity that God gave me to see that!

Um...the confirmations were neat, too. With Josè, they mentioned that he would serve a mission, and with Alicia (without knowing anything beforehand) they told her that her organs would function correctly...she had surgery one month ago.

What else? Um...I went on divisions with Elder Finn--who has 5 weeks in Mexico. That was fun to remember the beginning. That also was interesting to feel what it is like to have to teach a large portion of the lessons. But he is great.

Nayeli is a 19 year old girl studying biology. She has come to church 2 times, and her Mom 6 times. She had a baptismal date...but truly it wasn`t really that firm, because we still don`t know her super well and things like that. But on Saturday she said that she wants to get baptized. So, if her Dad gets out of the Hospital before Saturday, she will get baptized then.

We eat really well here. The members send us pizza, tamales, and more tamales, and more tamales. Haha. Its awesome. And we drink lots of Pozol...Blanco or de Cacao. I like Pozol de Cacao the best. Google it...its awesome. Speaking of Pozol, Alicia--who got baptized--was the sister that we ate with today for the meal, and she gave us a ton of pozol. And right now I am having stomach pains cause I drank too much, soo I think I will go now. But, I love you both bunches! EEEXXXIIITTTOOOO!!!!!


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