Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 27th, 2011

Ok. I am so used to hearing people say with a mexican accent, "what is your name?" haha. A few other random notes: I find that clothes I leave and dont use for a while, or even bags, my belt, and even american money start like growing moldy stuff in it...I assume for the humidity. Kind of gross, I say. Also, we don´t have water again. But, we have a way better apartment than most people here that has a tank, that normally lasts while water doesn´t come. But right now its empty. We are always talking about the novelty it would be to bring the whole daily water thing of faucets to yajalon.
Not much else to report. When we went to Ocosingo for District Meeting, there were 2 "blockeos" from Zapatistas and one from Construction. So we arrived an hour late, after going in one truck, and three taxis, and walking a bit. The Zapatistas do some unviolent rebellious stuff right now. They had a wooden stick with nails on it, and would move it for all the cars that paid 50 pesos. Sometimes they just don´t move it. It was backed up for miles, and some people just stick there feet up and go to sleep as they are used to Blockeos. I think it is pretty much normal for a couple to happen every month.
The people we are teaching are wonderful, and we are trying to help them progress and also find more people who are prepared for the gospel. Our mission got the news to start focusing on, so we got excited about that and made flyers linked to that with our phone numbers and put them in a bunch of Cybercafés that let us.
Church yesterday was a little sad...due to members traveling and such, we had very few people there (us, 4 members, 2 recent converts, and 3 investigators). However, the spirit was there, and we all felt strengthened. Also, it is special to bless the Sacrament alongside Jordi.
Much love,

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19th, 2011

Wow, a long week. First off, Josué did get baptized this Saturday. He has made so many changes. Did I comment that we met him as a reference from someone saying that he was such a problem child...and here he is changing so much. I remember the first lesson in his little wooden house, and seeing catholic saints on their only table--wondering if they would ever change their beliefs. Well, they have, and God is helping them out a bunch. He is very shy in front of people, but after he got baptized when he said that he knows that Jesus Christ is his Savior...I was deeply touched.

Anilu and Jordi gave talks in church was awesome to see them! Also, Jordi blessed the Sacrament. Two of their siblings are preparing for baptism, and their dad...that we have only met practically when he is drunk (grabbing our hand and rubbing it on his face and other funny stuff), well, we talked to him when he wasn´t drunk and we are going to try to start and teach him too.

Monica and Romeo are a couple that are actually married legally (that is a rare find here), and they are looking for a way that their family can start over. She has been through soo much...seeing her dad commit suicide, etc...just a HARD life. He was telling us his pains that he feels from having killed people as a member of the special forces for Mexico. I believe that they are going to feel the truth of what we share and progress well.

Neyder was going to get baptized, but he is going to move to Cancún soon and wants to get baptized after moving. His sister wants to get baptized, but her mom didn´t give her permission...we are still working on that one. Victor and his family will get baptized as soon as they get married, and they are talking to the members about doing that in these weeks upcoming.

Things are hard in a lot of ways, but one blessing is that I have felt my testimony truly become strengthened. I am now certain that this church is working through the doubts of others has strengthened my personal convictions. I know that the scriptures are true with much more sincerity, because I have put it to the test many times here in Yajalon. And I am certain that God lives. I believe that He loves us, and will bring us salvation through Jesus Christ as we put our faith into action.

Much love,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sept 5th and 12th, 2011

We went to the tonina ruins (pyramids) again with our district. It was way fun, and to answer your question (mom) we only come to Ocosingo or San Cristobal for district or zone activities, apart from that we are always in Yajalon.
I don`t have a ton to report....but a good week. Yesterday, we also had to come to Ocosingo, and a few investigators arrived--also Jordi to be confirmed. Leyver and Jordi had a priesthood interview, and will be receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood in 15 days. It is kind of fast, but they are both ready and it is what the local leaders want.
Also, another cool service experience. So there is a program called "opportunidades" and it is to help people get governmental support for schooling and living through having the members do service and attend meetings. I think like 90% of the town does it, and most of our investigators. So we went the other day to go and help Jordi weed out and clean up (machete, etc.) his portion of the field to make a park. And we helped a widow do her section. All of the people (especially the indigenous people) were really surprised...some at first were telling us sarcastically that we would stain our white shirts, others that we don`t know how to work, and after a while they saw our work.  We had some fun digging in the dirt alongside the people we serve spiritually as well. We felt a greater love for them, understanding and seeing some of the things they are required to do.
We have a Stake Conference in 15 days. It is in San Cristobal...more than 4 hours away. Not sure how we are going to work that one out--but we will!
Much Love,
Elder Palmer 
Well, this has been a rather long week, but good. First off, there are three people preparing for baptism this Saturday, and if all goes well we will go to Ocosingo for that. Josué is one. He is 17, and we found him as a referral from Jordi and Anilu's mom. She told us about him being a problem and really hard on his mom. We see changes in him every time we go.  At first I never imagined he could have gotten to where he is now. He lives in such humble circumstances too. The other 2 are siblings Neyder and Yaharí, who are very intelligent (one speaks perfect english), and should be ready for Saturday.

We are trying to help the members become more and more firm, although it is very difficult sometimes. We arrived at church with Josué, Jordi, Neyder, and Yahari in one of the transporting trucks. A member didn´t arrive for about 30 minutes, and yesterday the church attendance was very low. However, the leader from Ocosingo said we will be talking with the area presidency about the organization of our branch next week, and that the callings should be extended very shortly. This area is yearning for a Branch. When we are, I am certain it will flourish.

Side note: Have I said that there are soo many drunks? Yesterday, more than ten contacted us throughout the day (excluding the people we talked to). We are already on names basis with a number of them, and seeing them daily while walking around.

To anyone who is reading this and has question about the church or about God existing: I testify that if we humbly go to God in prayer with our worries, question, doubts and concerns, He will testify through the Spirit the truthfulness of all things. He will make us feel sure about truths, while dispelling and resolving in an indescribable manner our worries that weigh us down.

Much love,
Elder Palmer