Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19th, 2011

Wow, a long week. First off, Josué did get baptized this Saturday. He has made so many changes. Did I comment that we met him as a reference from someone saying that he was such a problem child...and here he is changing so much. I remember the first lesson in his little wooden house, and seeing catholic saints on their only table--wondering if they would ever change their beliefs. Well, they have, and God is helping them out a bunch. He is very shy in front of people, but after he got baptized when he said that he knows that Jesus Christ is his Savior...I was deeply touched.

Anilu and Jordi gave talks in church was awesome to see them! Also, Jordi blessed the Sacrament. Two of their siblings are preparing for baptism, and their dad...that we have only met practically when he is drunk (grabbing our hand and rubbing it on his face and other funny stuff), well, we talked to him when he wasn´t drunk and we are going to try to start and teach him too.

Monica and Romeo are a couple that are actually married legally (that is a rare find here), and they are looking for a way that their family can start over. She has been through soo much...seeing her dad commit suicide, etc...just a HARD life. He was telling us his pains that he feels from having killed people as a member of the special forces for Mexico. I believe that they are going to feel the truth of what we share and progress well.

Neyder was going to get baptized, but he is going to move to Cancún soon and wants to get baptized after moving. His sister wants to get baptized, but her mom didn´t give her permission...we are still working on that one. Victor and his family will get baptized as soon as they get married, and they are talking to the members about doing that in these weeks upcoming.

Things are hard in a lot of ways, but one blessing is that I have felt my testimony truly become strengthened. I am now certain that this church is working through the doubts of others has strengthened my personal convictions. I know that the scriptures are true with much more sincerity, because I have put it to the test many times here in Yajalon. And I am certain that God lives. I believe that He loves us, and will bring us salvation through Jesus Christ as we put our faith into action.

Much love,

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