Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 27th, 2011

Ok. I am so used to hearing people say with a mexican accent, "what is your name?" haha. A few other random notes: I find that clothes I leave and dont use for a while, or even bags, my belt, and even american money start like growing moldy stuff in it...I assume for the humidity. Kind of gross, I say. Also, we don´t have water again. But, we have a way better apartment than most people here that has a tank, that normally lasts while water doesn´t come. But right now its empty. We are always talking about the novelty it would be to bring the whole daily water thing of faucets to yajalon.
Not much else to report. When we went to Ocosingo for District Meeting, there were 2 "blockeos" from Zapatistas and one from Construction. So we arrived an hour late, after going in one truck, and three taxis, and walking a bit. The Zapatistas do some unviolent rebellious stuff right now. They had a wooden stick with nails on it, and would move it for all the cars that paid 50 pesos. Sometimes they just don´t move it. It was backed up for miles, and some people just stick there feet up and go to sleep as they are used to Blockeos. I think it is pretty much normal for a couple to happen every month.
The people we are teaching are wonderful, and we are trying to help them progress and also find more people who are prepared for the gospel. Our mission got the news to start focusing on, so we got excited about that and made flyers linked to that with our phone numbers and put them in a bunch of Cybercafés that let us.
Church yesterday was a little sad...due to members traveling and such, we had very few people there (us, 4 members, 2 recent converts, and 3 investigators). However, the spirit was there, and we all felt strengthened. Also, it is special to bless the Sacrament alongside Jordi.
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