Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 3rd, 2011

Wow. So, I dont have much time to write...and I am really tired right now. But next week, I will fill in the blanks, and I have a poem i write that Ill send. Ha.
But...yes. I got transferred. ELder Walker stayed training a new missionary, and I am here in Tapachula. The last couple of days were incredible in Yajalon, and they will be baptizing the next couple of weeks some real special people (sister of Anilu and Jordi, another girl, and the mom of Josue).
We had so many problems traveling. I left yesterday at 530 AM and just arrived today in my area. I have been in a bus, taxi, truck, or bus station all of the time. (27 hours in vehicle, and 7 hours waiting in a station all added up). Three ATMs didn´t work, so I had to use american dollars for a part too. We had a blockeo late last night, and waited five hours until midnight and then had to return to tuxtla (even though we almost made it here in Tapachula). And right when we arrived in Tuxtla they sent us back to Tapachula. It is all crazy. But I am here. Safe and sound. After 34 hours... I will send details later.
My new companion is Elder Diaz, and he is a District Leader. Every person that knows him just says great things about him, so I am pretty excited. But I wont go with him until friday, because he is recovering right now from being sick with Denge (spelling?). Pretty intense, I know.
I am excited, exhausted and really hot right now. This city is on the coast and is very hot.
I will respond to other things and stuff next week...and I cant wait to hear about how it went with Hermano Silverio. 
Also, what is Neils Hazen´s address? ALso, I wil be sending a few letters to you asking the favor that you send them to people that I lost their address.
Again, I will write more next week...I cant think right now very well. Oh ya, and thanks for all the Happy Birthdays...it will be a great day I am sure. 
Much love,
Elder Palmer

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