Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oct. 17th and 24th, 2011

Well things are going well in the work. Cool experience: We contacted a lady and began to present the book of mormon. The spirit was way strong, and then she told us how she had flipped through a book of mormon in a Mariott hotel in Tuxtla Gutierrez. She said that a couple on months ago, God didn´t matter to her, but that recently her life has flipped upside down...she has lost evrything, and that just 2 days ago she was praying for guidance. She is Cristina.
Martin and his family are a family that we found while he was selling bread on the street, and I was hungry. We taught his family, and they seem interested. We also went one morning and helped them make bread. That was cool...it is way different than I imagined. I´ll send a picture later.
Quick rundown of the people that we are teacing that are close to baptism:
-Martha, Arlett, and Yuleimi: Martha is a Grandma and an ex-member of the church... we hope that she will be able to get baptized.  It has been a long time without the blessings of being a active member  in the church.  Arett and Yuleimi are her grandchildren, and they are preparing for baptism for the 5th of November.
-Marcelo--He is that young man I wrote about last week that had already read a bunch of the Book of Mormon...he is preparing for the 5th of November, and is a special young man. We hope to get to know his family this week.
-Flor de Maria- She is incredible. She has been attending church for 3 years, and has a flaming testimony. She will be getting married with her husband in November, and afterwards will be baptized. Her daughter is a super active young adult. We had a Family Home Evening with them last night, and the spirit was super strong as we watched the movie of the restoration. What a special family.
-Ana-she has come to church 12 times...has a small testimony, and is a 30 year old single lady. She just still doesn´t feel excited or ready enough to get baptized; we will see what happens with her.
Much love from Tapachula,
Elder Palmer

ps   Oh mom...I am the pianist for the ward too. Just thought you would want to know.

October 17th

Quick update of the work. We have been knocking many doors, and talking to lots of people in order to find more investigators. It has proved successful, as we have found many people to teach now and invite to baptism.
Cool experience. We went up to this neighborhood a little bit isolated to look for a referral that the church had given to us. As we were looking for it we pretty much got ourselves into a small dirt road...lots of green (palm trees, brush, etc.) around us. We knocked the pink house there (the referral told us it was a pink house). And no one came out. Bad luck. But, my companion pointed to a very isolated house to go and knock. We went and found a young man. As we got to know him, we started talking about the Restoration. We asked him if he knew what a prophet is. He responded, " yeah...like Nephi, or Moses right?" My companion and I were way startled by hearing that he knew about Nephi. Come to find out, some missionaries a year ago gave him a Book of Mormon, and he had read more than 500 pages of it. He was very humble and interested. He came to church on Sunday, and we invited him afterward to prepare for baptism on November 5. He is Marcelo. I know that the Lord guided us to find him.
Yup. Elder Díaz is great, and we are working hard. :)

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