Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 10th 2011

                                                     Elder Diaz and I (I just took that photo)
                                      Elder Walker as he got breakfast in bed in the mornin.
                                      Statue of an indigenoous lady. I will miss those people!
                                                         Elder Walker and I when we parted

I am in Tapachula right now. Did I mention that it is hot? ´Cause it is hot. I sweat during my studies in the house with a fan on. It is humid, and it rains a deluge every day. However, we have a ward...we have a real church building (2 blocks from our house)...we have members! It is a whole new world from the mission I have known up to this point. I must say the first couple of days I was very nostalgic for Yajalon. I miss those people, and I love them and worry about them a lot. Also, I have realized...after 6 months together...how good of friends Elder Walker and I were. I miss him a lot too.
However, I am with Elder Diaz right now. Really, there are not very many investigators right now. There are a number of people who are still going to church, but aren´t ready to move on (maybe because they are not married, or don´t want to get baptized yet, etc.) However, there is a very intelligent 12 year-old  that we are preparing for baptism, and we found a family Saturday night that came to church the next day. And come to find out, the dad is actually a member and the kids all want to get baptized. So we are excited...we have a lot of work to do, and people to find....but excited.
Funny story (happened in Spanish...but I will tell it is English) we were knocking a door, and this like 3 year old opened up. He asked what we want, and Elder Díaz asked if his mom or dad were there. He said no. Then, Elder Díaz asked if there was anyone one "bigger" there, and the kid paused...thought for a second...and then smartly retorted, "Hey! I´m growing!" That gave me a good smile.
Also, our ward mission leader is an ex-missionary and he is hilarious. We share the ward boundaries with the zone leaders, and eat lunch with them and a member every day. One of the Zone Leaders, also, is just one of those people that is very funny...he always makes me laugh. So, apart from the success that I believe we will have in this area, we should be happy too :)
But ya, I´ll update more next time.
Much love,
Elder Palmer
P.S. Thank you for all the happy birthdays. It was a good day. I ate a really yummy quesadilla, too...

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