Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31st, 2011

Well, a summit point of this week was the arousing visit of Elder Tenorio, from the Quorum of the seventy. It was an inspirational visit. Actually, it has changed the way I view many aspects of life, and especially mission life. He talked about a few important keys to finding success. More or less, what I took out of it was three factors of finding success in the mission and really in life:
     1.Effort (work ethic, diligence, and just the amount of effort we are willing to render in search of whatever success we seek)
     2.Concentration (our ability to prioritize; determination; and focus)
     3.Joy (joy in the journey, joy in our successes)
How true these three points are. One could take it as an abstract outline for a motivational speech, or short list of a truth that guides us to finding success. I hope to apply these points in my missionary labors. In place of one day working my tail off, the next day not so much, and so sporadic splurges of hard work, I hope to apply steady amounts of effort in the work, concentrated in my purpose, and finding joy in the process. It was an amazing visit, and the Spirit testified to me that this work is true and that we need to work hard.
Marcelo has an amazing ability to feel and recognize the spirit. He has recognized that for sure these things are true, and feels the desire to get baptized. However, he is facing opposition from his parents. We are going to go to his house tomorrow to try and gain their trust and invite them to learn about the Gospel too.
We are excited to start seeing people that we are teaching take the important step of baptism in their lives, and we hope to continue finding prepared people.
While we were knocking doors the other day, we found a young family that the lord has prepared. The parents are married legally (that is not so common with many young families); the dad has been to the church in Tamaulipas a number of times; they have been talking about attending the very church that we represent. I know that God has prepared them so that they can become faithful members of his church.
Also, we followed up with a guy we had taught on his doorstep, and we found out that his wife is a member from many years ago...and this kind, wise, and thoughtful man (he is a teacher) is beginning to be taught by us, and we look forward to teaching all of his family together.
Happy Halloween. :) Trick or treat. Ha.
Much love from Tapachula...
Elder Palmer

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