Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two very short letters

November 14th

I literally have like five minutes to write. I got transferred within
Tapachula...the same zone to an area called Xochimilco with Elder
Sanchez. I am alive and will tell more details later. I love you.
Elder Palmer

November 7th

(This letter of Geoffrey's came with a great need for editing...capital
letters all in the wrong places..strange spaces etc.  So I edited it,
but just can't change the funny grammar and odd sentence structure he
sometimes uses because of his immersion in the Spanish language.  I
love it.)

Dear Mom

This computer is very slow. You don`t even know. It just can`t go. Oh no! My beard is beginning to grow. Just kidding around, but seriously!   It has taken 24 minutes just to copy and paste your and dad`s letter onto a word document! What a pain! And right now I am typing without seeing the letters (as they appear about ten seconds afterwards). So thats my excuse for no photos this week...I dont want to take up that challenge right now. Next week Ill look for a better computer. But really, I have a lot of good fotos to send.
Thank you a bunch for the package. You scored well...especially with the lemonade powder.
  Ugh I quit this computer! Sorry this letter is going to be short, and I will leave and go study about patience in PMG or something .. ha.

  However, we had a very special baptismal service with Arlett and Yuleimi...29 members came! There was a sweet spirit there, and we look forward to using that moment to animate many of their family members to return to full activity in the church.

  We have found a number of really great people through talking with people. We put the goal that every family that we saw we would always contact. Through that we found Rosa and Javier Gonzalez, whom have wonderful desires and accepted a baptismal date on the first visit.
I had exchanges twice this week. One with Elder Martinez, who is hilarious. Another, with Elder Gabbitas from Utah who is a stud missionary really.  Also, I was really impressed as one of the missionaries who I know is always so happy and an example for us, I found out, had his mom pass away six months ago. I know that these comrades in the work here really have testimonies and are good examples for me.

  Bueno. Ya voy a retirarme, porque no lo soporto. Love you bunches.

  Elder Palmer

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