Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27th, 2012

Ok....well I have a lot to share wth you both :)

First off, before I forget. What did you both decide in coming to pick me up in November? Also, I was wondering if the return flight could pass by Mexico City that would be nice, because a couple of my companions would be able to come to the airport (especially elder vite who lives really close). 

But back to the good stuff. 

Zone Conference: We had a wonderful Zone conference focused on baptism on one hand, and 90 percent focused on christlike attributes. It was really awesome!!! We have a lot of respect for Pdte. Cardenas, and truly he is a very faithful man and he is a good person that wants us to be happy and wants us to baptize the whole world haha. 

Cool story: 3 missionaries got put in jail last week close to Tapachula, but Pdte. Cardenas didn´t know that they were in jail or where they were. They were going to tuxtla in OCC, and the records said that they boarded the bus, but in Tuxtla they weren´t there. President Cardenas sent the assistants to a conference in Oaxaca while he went looking for the missionaries. He had been praying very hard, and after asking many immigration people and having many of them say that they had no idea, a man came up and offered to help. He made a few phone calls and found out that they were sent back to Tapachula in a prision there. As Presidente got there, they wouldn´t let him see them until they had done the paperwork so that they could leave (which takes a long time). After the whole ordeal, he saw them come out. Their shoes and belts and ties were taken away, so they looked really funny, but he saw them super happy. He asked them, how are you?! And they responded that they were so excited and had just taught one of the guards and were sending his name as a reference. They contacted and taught -- even in a little bit of a different situation. That is being a missionary. But they didn´t get hurt or anything, all was well. (but this is not to scare you, it is just a cool experience that happened to a few missionaries)

But ya, also Carmen got baptized. That was a neat experience, and she is really converted. She pretty much can teach us the great apostasy better than many missionaries teach it. Also her sister, Dania, is getting baptized on Sept. 15. And Edgar, Dania´s boyfriend, is such a prepared investigator--he is 21 years old, so stoked to get baptized, and felt the spirit "prompting him that this church is true" during the conference! 

Salvador and Rosario now for real will get baptized this upcoming saturday. They are so special. They are so humble, and have testimonies. They will get "married" after almost 50 years together this wednesday. 

Stake Conference was such a wonderful moment. I felt a lot of personal revelation, and it was great to have the vast majority of the recent converts and various investigators there with us. 

Also, I met a chinese woman and her husband who live in Bountiful and are members, and they don´t really speak spanish (well she doesn´t). So that was cool to say hi to them.

Also, Elder Vite is a good buddy of mine, and he has given lots of opportunities to help him stay focused on the work and not go TRUNKY.

Im happy. Oh and mom...I remind you to update the blog please. Pretty please with a cherry on top. :)

Much love,

                                    The baptism of Carmen with some of the people that came
                                                       Carmen's baptism
                        I am eating the apple crumble---from the person that you sent the recipe, mom.
                                                   I liked this photo haha

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