Monday, November 26, 2012

Final 6 emails from mission

November 26th, 2012--last of the entries

I want to write a very small note at the concluding moments of my mission. I want to write that I am very happy. I have learned so much I don`t know where to start in sharing that. I have also changed a lot...I am not the same person I was two years ago. This work is true. The gospel of Jesus Christ, also, is true. God truly loves me and you. I love the people, I love this work, and I will have these places and people in my prayers the rest of my life.
I am excied to keep on progressing in such a great cause. I feel like I have truly come to know my savior and my God better in this time. And I am excited to share personally more of these experiences with many of you in a short time.ELDER GEOFFREY PALMER

We are loving the work...we are finding a lot of people to teach. The Branch is super excited, and I am working right now the same as any other week. I am feeling the spirit a lot, I can´t complain. I will tell you guys more about what has been going on in the branch next week.
Okay....I am not going to lie. I psychologically have not accepted or in other words it hasnt hit me that I am finishing my mission truly. I feel kind of weird. Hypothetically Next week I will have finished. Thats weird. I hope the shock doesn`t affect me. Haha. Mom and Dad, I am kind of nervous to see you both honestly. I hope that I can be a better son to you both. I love you both dearly, and I am excited to be able to convey truly the things that I have learned in the mission face to face.
I don´t have anything else to say but I love being a missionary. It is super challenging, because pretty much perfection is the goal...and sometimes it is overwhelming, but there is nothing like it. My priorities of life and the meaning within it have changed so much. The covenants that I had made became much deeper, and the hard moments taught me to know that I can´t do it alone. Seeing the progress of the members and converts, and investigators has taught me that this is and will be a lifelong process. I have not reached the summit. The mission is not the summit. I have learned that recently. I am excited to live faithfully, to give a thousand references to the missionaries when I return, and to strengthen the core of my testimony. I recognize the importance of getting sealed, and being faithful to those covenants. Work and business and all that stuff are thrilling prospects, but they are not the focus...I have learned. They are not the pearl of great price...the burried treasure. Eternal life is my goal.

Sorry for that ramble. It was more for my benefit than yours to write it haha.

Love yall,



November 12, 2012

Hello my beloved father and mother. My how pleasant it is to have this rather special opportunity to write to you both.
 I want to comment that I admire President Cardenas a lot. He is a very special man. As I heard him speak in our District Conference, I was reminded of many of the ways that he is a good example. And his wife too. He is very full of faith, and excitement about the work. His wife is just such a siweet, loving, and pacient person. She actually has a bunch of family here in Zanatapec. And her mom owns a BUFFET here where it is our turn to eat there every wednesday. MMM.
We have had a lot of success with references recently. Now that we can`t knock doors, we are working alongside the members a lot more. We have 11 references received that are pendent, and we have contacted 19 this week. We have various investigadores in the conference, but unfortunately many investigators that are really good we are having to "drop" with love. I love the members here and they are really excited about the work.
Thats all folks...I love you both a bunch...and I am grateful for two years when I learned to be more dependant on the Lord, and less dependant on the family. However, I am very excited to maybe not be dependant...but be strengthened immensely and to strengthen immensely the family relationships that I cherish.
I hope you both know that I know that I haven`t been the best missionary in the world, or as great as you both think I am, but I can tell you both that I have given it all I could. And I am sprinting to the finish right now. I love it. Missionary work is such a satisfying lifestyle.

November 5th, 2012

We had the baptism of a young 9 year old that attends church with his uncle, who is a counselor in the branch. He is a great kid and told the elder in the interview that he would not have a girlfriend until after his mission haha. Then the young girl who is a niño inscrito of an active member got baptized. She uses a wheelchair and is like a little angel. But she was so scared in the water because the brother had to repeat the baptism various times. Without warning I had to get in there and help him do it. I got wet, but it was a special little baptism.
Good news...we had a training with Elder Johnson from the seventy and area presidency and it was incredible in tuxtla. He taught us so much, and what most impressed me what how he taught us to teach the first principle and strengthen our testimonies of the reality of a loving father in heaven. Also, he explained how we will be working only through the members. We are now not allowed to contact door to door. I prayed and fasted to be able to find good families through the members (because we were then having difficulties finding people) and yesterday after the fast, we were able to contact 8 references with members, and we could put a lot of lessons for this upcoming week. A couple of potential families look great. Also, I could see Elder Millan and Mom---remember that guy that you called in Oklahoma? HE GOT BAPTIZED. When I left he had just accepted a baptismal date and come to church and was changing a bunch, and he got baptized and his sister (a single mother) will get baptized most likely on December 1st...and so coincidentally we will be able to attend.
President Herminio is in the District presidency and he went to puebla and met up with my companions family. So they sent us a bunch of poblano meat, bread, and stuff which was cool. Together with the package I received from yall was pretty great :)
We are going to go to the Ranch of Pdt. Herminio today to visit and spend time with them. (Preparation day).
Next week we will have a District conference here in Zanatapec! We don`t have to travel which is great :) There probably will be various baptisms too.


October 29th
Mom and Dad,
The highlight of this week was a Family Home Evening with one of the District presidency members and his wife accompanying us to a large family of investigadores. we watched the video "only a stonecutter" and how God can use each of us in his work and all that. It was very spiritual. And it was the coolest portable homemando movie theater type thing i have seen. Um...also, about 15-20 people were there present. Then we played a game that was really fun.
Also, 11 of our investigadores came to church yesterday. That was cool...and it was the primary presentation. It was very special honestly.
We have district conference coming up...on November 11th...and we are planning a baptismal service in the river with a lot of investigadores that day in the afternoon. of our investigators plays trumpet...and I played it. I am certain that I will pick that up again...I had a lot of fun.

OK, I have a million dollar question, that sometimes I feel weird not knowing. When you guys pick me up...where are we going Texas or New Zealand? or Spokane? I am good with whatever you guys want...but I would like to make a stop in Texas and Spokane getting home at least to visit a few people that are VIPS for me. But, if that is not possible, no problem...but what is yalls plan? Or are you guys going to take me sheep farming...cause that is good with me too. or to utah. haha. sometimes people ask me where i will return home to before BYU and I don´t really know what to answer. So that is my million dollar questions haha.
As far as things for investigadores...paintings, or post cards from the church type things or illustrations are the best. Some people are soo happy just to get pictures of christ. All of those many cards that you have sent me I have given away very fast. And no...I still havent gotten those rings yet.

October 15th
I have like no time to write...but I am going to go to Zanatapec Oaxaca! I go there tomorrow, and I will be training and be a District Leader (we cant finish as Zone Leaders or generally as District Leaders, but I think I am because I have never been district leader.

It is a small town, and I am way excited. I am going to work harder and better than I have up to this point.

I LOVED my time in this ward. It has been marvelous. Many of the members and converts are dear friends that I hope to keep in contact with for a long time.

Much love, and ANIMO!!!!


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