Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 11th 2011

Hola Hola! Well, first off I will report about my situation as far as travel plans. I still don't know. Haha. Yes, I am scheduled to leave on Monday, but I think it is pretty well accepted within our District that that will not be the case. The Lord has something else in mind. Either we will be in the MTC for a few more weeks until our VISAs come in, or, more likely, we will get a temporary reassignment somewhere in the United States. I have been praying for the Lord's guidance in whatever is to happen, and I am certain that whatever happens--VISA, reassignment, more time in MTC, etc.--has the Lord's hands behind it. I know I am where God wants me, and I believe he will send me, also, where he wants me. Maybe Spokane, but I think not. That would be awesome though.

About an hour ago, we ate lunch and managed to have a nice guest randomly join us at our table for the meal. Elder Patrick Kearon, of the 70, came and sat with us and talked with us about missionary work, conversion, and the good old MTC. Also, our Branch Presidency is amazing! I am so grateful for them; they train us well, and we always learn so much from them. And Brother Jurgens, a counselor, was in my ward in Austin while I was a baby, so he remembers the little handful I used to be, which is kind of fun. The other night, he came and talked with us in our Residence's Halls as we were preparing for bed, and I know that him and the Presidency are such a blessing in our lives: their examples, testimonies, and teachings.

Elder Hercules and I have become even better friends and companions than ever this week. We have felt an added influence of the Spirit in our day to day activities, and have been trying to focus our actions on the Lord and the little saying, "What's right, not who's right." That has made a huge difference in our relationship and effectiveness as missionaries and leaders. I continue to learn so much in how I should be communicating with people, and I am coming more and more to recognize how much a focus in the Gospel and the love within helps with any relationship. In our trainings of new missionaries, we have tried to make them more interactive and fun, and I just love standing in front of a group of people with a companion I am unified with, and sharing a few ways and things we should do to be effective servants of the Lord.

"It takes a very good meeting to beat no meeting at all." -President Packer. I feel this way often. Time has become more precious than ever for me! I wish so badly that we could have 48 hour days and 14 day weeks! It has been wonderful learning to focus, plan, study, and teach with more effectiveness than ever before. Time and time again, in role plays, I am refreshed with how much God loves us. I know that it doesn't even matter who we are, where we are from, what are job is, etc...but that despite any circumstances or situations that seem unforgiving, God is there. He always loves His children; we are His children. I am touched so often by simple pricks in my heart from the Spirit, testifying of these precious truths. And so often, my eyes are turned towards my Savior Jesus Christ. None of us will ever know Him perfectly in this life, but I feel like I have come to know Him more and more this past week. I know He lived for us, He lives for us, and that it is through Him that all things can be made right. What a blessing it has been to feel the sweet Spirit in the MTC of thousands of young men and women here to proclaim the simple yet profound message of our Savior. The true message that He lives.

I am sorry if my thoughts have been so scrambled up; I have many thoughts and few minutes to express them. I appreciate all the support I have from all of you! Your prayers, letters, and packages are not going unnoticed. Thank you all.


Elder Palmer

P.S. The teeth were fixed great, I don't know if I wrote that in the last letter, but really I have almost forgotten that that actually happened. :)

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