Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25th 2011

Well, as anticlimactic as this may seem, yes, I am still at the MTC in Provo. Not to be confused with Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico. We have become very good friends with those working in the travel office, visiting them every day to see if any news on Mexican Visas have come in. And today they announced that those going to Merida Mexico get a trip to the consolate in under 24 hours (which means visa which means leaving to Mexico in just a couple days afterwards). And with that, I am hoping that Tuxtla Gutierrez will be one of the sooner missions. I won't make any guesses, but chances are I should be gone sometime soon, and since I have my permiso--it is pretty close to certain that I won't be leaving the MTC until I go to Mexico. But again, nothing is set in stone.

This past week we have lost our teachers (going to new districts), so we will probably be teaching one another throughout the day. Elder Hercules and I are no longer Zone Leaders, and with that, we have much more study time. We are trying to step it up and learn to use our time wisely here, which really isn't easy. We have lost a couple of Elders in our District--two to U.S. missions, and one to Bolivia. So things are wrapping up here; we are looking forward to stepping foot in the field!

I don't have much to report, other than life is good in the MTC and I am looking forward to my time out in the Mission Field. I'll keep this letter brief, and end it with just a few thoughts. A couple weeks ago, a member of the 70 came to us and at one point in his talk rhetorically posed the question--do you know Christ? (I might have mentioned this in previous letters). I have been thinking on this so much recently, and I am grateful for the question. I believe this is a question I will and should try to ask myself often. I want to close just by saying that I believe that Christ is our Savior. I believe that through him, we can overcome any burden and find true peace. I believe that He is our brother, Redeemer, the author of our Salvation, and our dear friend. :)

With love,

Elder Palmer

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