Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 23rd, 2012

Well...I don´t have a ton I want to write, however I would like to share the following information:
1. Elder Bednar´s visit: what a wonderful experience we had as he came. He gave us two of his talks to study and two scriptures  to memorize. It was very special as he taught us. I learned of the grand importance of praying with the objective to act in harmony with what we ask. Also, the pivotal point that I learned and that will help me a lot as a missionary was the importance of helping others learn by faith. Sometimes, we read scriptures or leave commitments with the intention to explain everything and give answers to every question, but no...as a missionary to an investigator, and as a parent to a child, teacher to student, etc...we must give them the direction to go in order to help them find their own answer. He taught how we cannot treat an investigator, child, or student as an object being acted upon, but help them use their agency in their favor.
2. Interviews with President: we talked about Concordia a long time. He told us to find an economical house in Concordia so that we can start having church services there sometimes. We  go on divisions (exchanges), Elder Aguilar and I, in order to have a missionary in both sacrament meetings. Yesterday, I went on divisions with the Branch President to Concordia and we visited the less-actives.  I am sure the church will grow a lot there...and fast!
3. Remember in Xochimilco an elderly couple I mentioned (familia Giron Garcia), well I found out talking with other Elders that they got baptized! That was pretty special...and the Diaz Gomez family from Xochimilco sent letters showing that they are still active in the church :) 
It was fun to see all of my companions (almost)...Elder Hercules, Elder Lopez, Elder Walker; Elder Diaz, Elder Sanchez, and Elder Rios all at the same time...I was just like overwhelmed.(At Elder Bednar's visit)

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