Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28th 2011

Well, this week was another successful week in San Cristobal. A young lady from Oxchuc got married and baptized this week, which was such a special experience. She had been trying to get married so she could be baptized since December, so that was wonderful to finally see things come together. The water was cold, there were only a few people there, but the spirit was very strong.

Two investigators are nearly to their baptismal dates and are so strong: Fili and Aremi. I believe I have mentioned a little bit about each of them, but they are both young, and a single man or woman (respectively) who have strong desires to follow Christ. They both came to Church yesterday, and slowly but surely their doubts and concerns are being replaced with faith and hope. I am so excited for them. And we are having wonderful experiences finding people! Whenever we go knocking on doors, we seem to find a couple of people who we can teach right there and who the Lord has been preparing. It is a wonderful thing to see.

One day, as we were traveling to Oxchuc, something interesting happened. A little pueblito in between the two created a ¨blockeo¨ or to say put up blockades and wouldnt let anyone pass. Apparently this is somewhat common for little towns to do this and make a statement...calling out for more roads to their town or something of the sort. So as we were traveling the normal route, we ended up getting out of our Combe--the bus-- after just 45 minutes. We walked for 30 min. or something to cross over the town that was sort of on strike, and then persuaded someone on the other side to drive us to Oxchuc the last 30 minute drive or so. These mountains roads were backed up as if they were NYC roads or something! It was insane to see, but luckily--since it was on the day of the baptism--it got cleared up in time for us and Irma to get to the Church back in San Cristobal in time.

Also, random note: a lot of people keep dogs on their roofs here, and sometimes it scares the daylights out of me when they look like they will jump off and eat me. Haha, but that keeps us on our toes. Also, It continues to be strange to get people looking and looking at us every day--especially in Oxchuc--wondering what on earth we are doing in Mexico. But, again, it often leads to good finding opportunities!

I still have random moments where it hits me again, that I am in a town in Mexico being a missionary! But, I do know that the Lord wants me here. I feel our Savior´s love for us as I teach with my companion (speaking of which, he is awesome, and I have truly learned about caring for the needs of our investigators from him...and much more) , testifying to people I do not know well that there is a way back into our Heavenly Father´s presence. There is a plan. I am constantly amazed at how much God loves us; even sometimes when we are teaching people who obviously haven´t been following what He wants, I can feel how much God loves those children of His. I know that we all can attain peace and happiness in this life, but more in the life to come as we follow and embrace the path our Father has set for us.

Next week, I will probably be in a new area, which saddens me, because I really want to see our investigators continue making the progress that they are. But, it is all so exciting!

Much love,
Elder Palmer

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