Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8th, 2011

What a week! I am in a different area with a different companion! Now,
I am in a little town that is called Yajalon, serving with Elder Lopez
(from Sonora Mexico). This area has only been open one transfer, and
so the people are not used to seeing missionaries--which in many ways
is such a blessing as they have curiosity. And there are literally no
foreigners here, so I still feel a little bit out place; sometimes, I
manage to forget and feel Mexican though. In this Area, many of the
people speak a language called Tseltal, which I will try to pick up a
few words here and there. Also, this area has what is called a Family
Group. They are not quite a branch, and every other Sunday meet here
for church (as a group of about 10-20 people) and the other in a town
one and a half hours away (with a legitimate Branch). So, we will do
what we can to prepare Yajalon to become its own Branch!

Back when I was with Elder Norman, he was interviewing an amazing
family for baptism. As we were waiting, I couldn´t help but notice the
little eight-year-old reading the Book of Mormon with a peaceful face
on--as his buddy played away on his little gameboy. I was touched by
how special an impact the Gospel has, even on an 8-year-old.

Also, another time, we were meeting with a young man studying
Archaeology. The Book of Mormon obviously was fascinating to him, and
he was a little taken back by the whole story of Joseph Smith and the
Restauration. He said how all of this is so new to him, and how he had
never even heard of it. I reflected a little bit on that, and was
touched as I thought that although these things are new for many--they
are so complete and so true.

It is beautiful here! I still haven´t found a place to buy something
so that I can put photos on, but I will look hard today and post
photos next week. I am so excited to be in this new Area! I have only
been in this area 1 day, and we have already begun to see many

Random thought: it is amazing how strong some of these Mexican women
are! They put like these bands on their head, and practically heave a
house on their back! Not really, but seriously I have been thoroughly

I really time and time again reflect on the Gospel (as that is what we
kind of reflect on all day every day) and I am touched numerous times
with how wonderful this plan is. I know that the plan of God, made
possible through Jesus Christ, brings happiness and peace--but more
than anything is true!

Much love from Yajalon, Chiapas, Mexico!
Elder Palmer

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  1. To Elder Palmer's mom and dad...I am Elder Peterson's mom! The two of them were in the MTC together and traveled to Tuxtla together. It was a pleasure to meet your son at the airport before they left. I just found the blog yesterday and it was such a treat to read it! If you want to read my son's missionary blog, it is lettersfromjared.blogspot.com.