Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick rundown. Here in Yajalon, I am showering with a bucket and washing by hand. That is an experience. Also, a native companion is really fun!

Our biggest obstacle is getting people to Church. Every other week, they have to travel to Ocosing (over an hour away) and in the process pay 100 pesos (which is a ton for lots of people!). So, that is hard, but we have talked with the Branch President and we should be able to start having meetings every week here in yajalon beginning march 27th!! That means we are on the path to making a Branch.

It is gorgeous here. I feel like I am in the Jungle, and a whole new world at the same time. Things are really going great.

I don't think I am going to write a letter to the blog this week so that I can try and put some photos up.

Love you!
Elder Palmer
snap shot of San Cristobal
With Fili (amazing investigator who will be baptized this saturday)
With Aremi (sweet lady who will get baptized this saturday)
With Irma at her Baptism in San Cristobal

I will send pictures from Yajalon next week. It is so pretty here!

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