Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21st, 2011

I am going back to San Cristobal for Zone conference in 30 minutes. But wow, we are so stoked!
First off, it is so wonderful, finally, I feel like I am thinking about our area and our investigators before myself. I still have a long way to go in that, but it is nice to have dreams about them and be thinking about them often.
With my companion, it is sometimes a little difficult to communicate, because sometimes I am not looking to learn how to do something, I just want to communicate my thoughts. However, I am learning so much about trying to stay humble and go along with some of the laughs that inevitably come when I make errors or something in Spanish. But, I really am learning a lot from my companion. We are very different, and it isn´t quite as natural of a best friend type thing as it was with Elder Hercules, but we are developing and improving our relationship--focusing in on the work here in Yajalon. Really, we are way excited.
Church: in Ocosingo, an hour and a half away, and not cheap. We finally brought 4 investigators (two with dates for baptisms) and 3 less actives to church yesterday! It was such a success.  I will just say that the riding conditions to and from Ocosingo was mildly typical for Chiapas, Mexico, but would thoroughly not be approved by Mom. But, we are all good. With bringing that many to church in Ocosingo, we feel like next week (services will be here in Yajalon) we will be able to bring tons of investigators here! Here, another HUGE obstacle for the investigators is Alcohol. There are so many alcoholics, but we are working to overcome this obstacle for a couple of our investigators who are afflicted with this addiction.
Yajalon had 21 people in Ocosingo yesterday, and with that type of number, they are almost ready to be a Branch. We will solicit for a branch probably in a month or two, but until then, we should have permission to start next week meeting here in Yajalon. The members and us are looking for a building to have church in...that is another obstacle. We have almost no support financially for that, but it will be great to see what happens! We have few members--all of them relatively new members or reactivated recently--but we are grateful because they are all so stoked and willing to serve!
Little miracles happen every day here. Really, we can see as the Lord places people in our way. I am touched by the power and truthfulness of the scriptures, and the peace  I know comes from aligning ourselves with the commandments.
Elder Palmer

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