Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28th, 2011

¨Guerro¨--I think means blonde or something, and I get called it many many times a day. Especially when we play soccer, they like to call me that. I think I will be weirded out when I return to the states and everyone isn´t staring at me. Haha, but it is fun. I still don´t feel Mexican in a number of ways. I am having my ups and down in Spanish, especially when I try to say a joke and then it just really isn´t funny because my translation ruined it. Or when I am trying to respond to my companion and he thinks I am just avoiding the quesiton...but its all good, we are learning :)
I am not very good at washing my clothes by hand. I hope to improve that within a few weeks.
Well well well, Yajalon feels like home. Really! I love it here. There are 26000 people in this little pueblito, and it is really great. I think I mentioned this, but it is in a valley--therefore we are almost always going up or down steep streets. There are more or less 15 active members, and then us, our investigators, and in-active members of the church. The Branch we are a part of is soliciting to become a Ward, and then we hope to soon solicit to be a ward too. Almost all the members here are somewhat recent converts too, so it is really cool to think about where Yajalon could be in like 10 years or so.
We had Zone Conference this week, where our Mission President gave us exactly what we needed. We realized we had been neglecting a good bit the duty of recording in the Area Book, so we are trying to change that.
We do Family Home Evenings here with all the members, inactives, and some investigators once or twice a week. Also, we play soccer once a week with all the people that we can invite. We are looking for whatever ways we can find people, and get ourselves familiar with all the people here--as still the Church is not well known here.
Yolanda Kim, Leonel Gutierrez, and Marcial are a Mom (65 years old or so) Dad (80 years or so) and a ¨son¨ (19 years old). They rent houses, and 19 years ago someone rented one of the little huts--had a baby--and left him there. Yolanda and Leonel found him, and raised him as their own. He has always had a few problems obeying and fitting in, having had many psychologists visit him to no avail. He pretty much plays soccer every day now, after dropping out of high school. But, we have grown to love them. He is preparing for Baptism, and his parents are close as well. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is more effective than any Psychologist: that through it we find our purpose in this life. He once asked us why he was born, and I know that the answer to that question is in the Gospel. Yolanda, a normally hard and stubborn lady, has been reading the Book of Mormon, and sweetly expresses gratitude for the way we are helping her solve her doubts. And Leonel, is hilarious. A sweet, old, and hilarious man that agrees with everything we say.
There are many people here in Yajalon ready to receive the Gospel. With obstacles such as alcoholism, and iglesia really far, and few members, we hope that we can help bridge the gap between where our investigators are at now with covenants with God.
I know that our Saviour Jesus Christ lives. I wish I could have been there to see His ministry, but I still know it happened. It is changing the way I view the world. I know that his example, his life, and his sacrifice can lead us back to our Father one day.
Elder Palmer

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