Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4th 2011

I just tried to buy stamps to respond to the letters I have, and just so you all know, to write 4 or 5 letters and send them to the States from here costs about the same as a week of food. Unfortunately, I don´t think I will be able to write as fequently as anticipated.
Avocado Popsicles: who knew! They are so flavorful, and a temptation for me and my companion often.
Pozol de Cacao: My favorite! I just drank about one liter of this before writing. It is a drink of water, cacao, and chunks of corn, with sugar, and a few other ingredients. Probably sounds strange. But it is sooo good! You have to shake it almost while you are drinking it to keep the chunks going, but seriously, I am definitely planning on commercializing this in America.
A few random things, but now the important part, the work in Yajalon continues. We had a meeting on Sunday (and Saturday for General Conference) here in Yajalon! We have trouble with internet, and missed the first session of Saturday--unfortunate for some of the investigators there. But the other sessions functioned, and we had all of this in our new ¨Casa de Oración.¨ (which is a house that we meet in for church meetings). I will send photos, but the house is really not very attractive or big. And it doesn´t have electricity or water, or doors on the inside. So, our investigators will definitely have to just rely on the Spirit they feel there to help them join the church. But anyway, conference was great! And we were able to have a number of people come and listen to the Prophet of the Lord! In the last session we were so stoked because we had already talked to a few people that day that said they would come.....but they didn´t come. I sat by the door, glancing out--hoping to see them--but to no avail. I don´t know how, but I don´t ever want to sit in a church meeting again without an investigator there that we can help and explain things to.
We visit with the members during the lunches, and as we talk and try to edify them it is a wonderful experience. It will be a beautiful thing--in a few months or however long it takes--when Yajalon is a Branch. And we can look back, and see the miracle that will have taken place. I know that the Lord is preparing the people in Yajalon. This week, we were told that there was a high priest, inactive, that lived in Yajalon. Why we didn´t know about this before, I don´t know, but he came to Conference, and his wife has developed interest in the Church as well. I know that Benjamin, and so many like him, are being touched by the hand of the Lord to help bring them into His tender care.
In a family home evening (with all the members and some investigators in Yajalon), in the Casa de Oracion, we taught about the worth of souls. I was touched by how much I know God loves every person that was in that room. I could feel his encompassing love, and I know that God loves each one of us.
I know that Thomas S. Monson is our Profet; I know that the Church of Jesus Christ in these days really has been restored.  And be it in New Zealand, Africa, America, or a little town in Mexico, it is true. I know that our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, lives.
Elder Palmer

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