Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19th, 2011

Well, Another transfer has begun! Elder Lopez left me here in Yajalon and Elder Walker came to be my new companion! He seems a little shy, but really a sweet guy with a strong testimony. I am certain we will get along great! Oh, and now instead of hearing ¨guerro!¨ in the streets we will here "guerros!" because now there are two americans in this pueblito in Mexico.
We ate caterpillers (fried) for breakfast the other day. I´m not going to lie, that was kind of weird, but tasted alright. The lime and salt and tortillas helped make it more normal.
In Church on Sunday, our little group had about 20 people--about half of them investigators or nonmembers. We have five people with dates for their baptism and all five arrived at church, so we are stoked about that! There are 3 active families here, and two are on vacation right now...so that makes things a little harder, but still the members are stoked to grow and half the weekly reunions that we are having.
We had a special experience teaching the old couple Yolanda and Leonel. They are so funny and wonderful, and as we taught them the other day we invited them to set a goal for baptism. Yolanda said that she was thinking about asking us that if we didn´t ask her! What a wonderful thing to hear...she really is gaining a testimony and feeling the truthfulness of these things. She and her husband (and hopefully her son--if he can overcome problems with the word of wisdom...alcohol)  will get baptized in two and a half weeks. I can testify of the power of the Spirit, especially from seeing Yolanda change. Even though she is naturally hard and stubborn, we often end our lessons with her praying and us being touched by the sweet spirit that that brings. And her husband, 84 years old, never had really been able to remember what he read in the assignments we left them, but the next time after this he pretty much recounted the first five chapters of 1 Nephi to us! The Lord is working with them and so many more here in Yajalon.
I know that God lives; I know that, in his love and desire for our progress, He sent our Savior Jesus Christ to the world. I am certain that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and only through Him and His teachings will come the sweet peace and security of what is to come. I testify that people can change. Maybe not by themselves, but through the help of our Father in Heaven I testify that they can.
Much love,
Elder Palmer

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