Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11th, 2011

Yajalon has its solicitud (is that word the same in english?) in to be a Branch! We are waiting to hear back. Late on Saturday night, we got a call saying that they wanted us to meet here in Yajalon, which is wonderful news...but we had been preparing all week to go to Ocosingo. I know that the Lord was behind this helping us, because we made a few last minute phone calls to Investigators, and on Sunday morning went and visited a number of our Investigators (including spending over 30 minutes trying to wake up and make Marcial shower--19 year old who goes to bed way too late), and all this led to 10 non members being there in the reunion of the Sacrament Meeting. We had 30 people in all, and 10 non-members--a blessing to see the progress! There really are only 12 active members, about 12-15 inactive members, and a number of investigators. They made assignments for all the different organizations (primary, sunday school, etc.) and called a ¨Grupo Familiar¨ leader (he whom they called has only been a member for 10 months), and later told us that the solicitud for Branch is in and that we should hear back soon. All of this was preparations to become a Branch--and finally they told us that we won´t have to travel to Ocosingo for Church! Thank goodness--sometimes I had butterflies in my stomach when I would promise someone that Church would be a marvelous experience and know that they would be in the back of a pick up or something for an hour and a half both ways. But now, the Lord has blessed Yajalon to have meetings here and to grow into a strong Branch in His restored church.
A few other notes:
-There are a ton of drunk people every evening! I can´t count how many drunk people have contacted us...not counting those that we have contacted! In Spanish they call them, ¨Bolos¨or ¨Borrachos¨.
-I just cut my own if I look funky in any of the photos that would probably be why. No, just kidding, it isnt that bad. I´m learning
-Here in Yajalon, officially the time changed in Mexico (and for us as missionaries) but no one uses the time change! So it is a headache always juggling two different schedules between the people who use it and who don´t.
-We ate a fish the other day that looked like they forgot to gut it or cook it.
-We had a little tremor-earthquake! But we barely felt it...
A couple of Spiritual highlights:
-I think I forgot to include this from a week back or so...but one time walking in the street, this man approached us really weird. We got talking to him, and found out that he had been through a lot. He had killed people, dealt drugs...everything. He asked what he could do to find God. We began to bear testimony, and I felt the sweet assurance that someone like this man could still change. Could accept Christ in his life. Unfortunately, we lost contact with him, because we set up a time to meet at a certain part in a park and he didn´t show up. However, it strengthened and heightened a little bit more of how much God really loves us.
-We had a little family home evening with a few investigators and a few members. We shared the story of the Restoration. As I shared the experience that Joseph Smith had in that dimly lit building, I felt a sweet reassurance that it is real. That Joseph Smith was a prophet, and because of that we have the proper tools--blessings, really--to accomplish our purpose in this life and return with God afterwards.
-In Sacrament meeting, it was Testimony meeting, and with such a small congregation you would think that there would be a ton of gaps. But luckily, no. Almost everyone stood up, and as my companion--Elder Lopez--stood and bore his testimony that we are where the Lord wants us, I felt the Lord´s love for our little congregation. What a blessing it is to be here.
Every day we can see the Lord help us as he places people in our path that we havent been able to find. And wow, just as I typed that, a past contact walked in the Ciber and I just talked with him and we´ll put a time to go visit him...that was kind of cool. But ya, I know that the Lord has his hand lifting and watching out for all of His children.
Much love,
Elder Palmer

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