Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23rd, 2011

I am feeling very good right now. I am heading to San Cristobal...again...for a Zone Conference. Everytime we have a conference, we have to travel more than most of the missionaries because of the location of our city. It takes about four hours traveling to San Cristobal--if only they had real freeways we could cut that time in half.
Like we have said, we have 6 active adult members of the church, and about 6 kids that are active. But in church yesterday, the Lord really did bless some people with the desire to attend church because we had 34 people there, 14 that are not members. There was a very special spirit there.
Leiver, the most prepared investigator we are teaching, got married on Saturday in a little town called Chilon nearby. Finally! We have been trying to help him save money, and do the work to get married for some months now. He, with lots of animo, did all the work this last week, and will get baptized this week if all goes well. He is about 30 years old, and I am stoked for him and his family to prepare to become an eternal family later.
Also, we had a kind of funny/special experience. By the way, it is starting to rain a lot. Here, it varies between really hot and pouring rain. And we had our weekly fireside on a Wednesday at 7 o clock. Right beforehand, it started to rain hard, and so nobody arrived by seven. We offered a prayer that those that had the desire to come would arrive. Within 30 minutes, a large group arrived. But then, we realized that we didnt have light. Our little rented room for church doesnt have electricity, and so we had been borrowing with extension plugs from the neighbor--but they moved. So, with the "fire" of our cell phone, we had a special "fireside." Somehow, the investigators were all good with it, and enjoyed socializing and listening in the dark.
One young man of 22 years, who had been a member of the church, Luis, accepted us to teach him and his nonmember wife. They started to pray every day together, and realized the power that entered their relationship from that. He is way stoked, and the fire of a testimony that he used to have is back up. We are excited for his wife to prepare for baptism, his younger brother to prepare for the mission, and his older brother and parents to make the gospel of Jesus Christ a part of who they are.
After teaching about Jesus Christ to a family, an 8 year old girl asked us a question that really touched my heart. She asked us, "why did those people kill Jesus?" It was so innocent and sweet. We told her that they didn´t really know who He was. Like this young girl knows, I too know that Jesus Christ is our  Savior. 
We have watched the movie of the Restoration with investigators a lot this week, and there is one line I would like to finish with. The father of Joseph Smith says at one point, "I don´t think that He [God] intends to save only a few of His children."
I know that that is true. I know that God wants and truly desires that all of us return to His presence with our families. I feel the truth that God wants this for me and for all the people we teach: for my family now, and my future family. 
Much love and greetings from Yajalon Mexico,
Elder Palmer

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