Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30th, 2011

Wow, what a week! First thing, before I forget, I received letters this last Zone Conference, and it came to my attention that the majority of the letters had been written a long time ago. So, if it takes a long time for me to respond to some of you, lets blame the mexican mail system (with a combination of not much time to write letters)...=)

Leiver got Baptized this Saturday! We had a little meeting for this, and then went to a nearby river and had a beautiful experience as he took this step in following Jesus Christ. It was such a special thing, and confirmed my testimony of the importance of this symbolic act. I have learned in the mission, how real the promise we make with God at Baptism is. We promise to follow Him and do our part (repenting, gaining faith, etc.), and He promises countless blessings in this life and in the life to come.

A few random experiences and notes:
     -There aren`t any changes, so I will be with Elder Walker here in Yajalon for another 6 weeks! Its a good thing :)
     -We contacted this one person who wanted to talk in English. Her English wasn´t very good, but she laughed and told us that our English is     terrible. I like Spanish much more than English right now. Haha.
     -Lots of people carry big pirate swords (in my eyes...but just machetes haha) everywhere they go. And this one guy whipped it out and started hitting a drunk with the blunt part while we were contacting him. We sprinted the other way. haha.
     -We have to go to ocosingo for the next two Sundays! That will be a difficult challenge to work through again. Its been like 6 weeks since we have had to go to Ocosingo for Church.
     -Members of the Stake presidency came to church here the other day, and said they are going to start helping us with support in finding a better meeting place and all that good stuff. Between the three active families of the church, they have been paying for the rent of the little Casa de Oración.
     -In the different neighborhoods, water only arrives every 8 days. Thanks to storage, we normally have water, but we haven´t have running water for a day now, and won´t for another couple of days. Showering with store bought water doesn´t quite feel the same.   

Also, to Nick...I just got your letter and I am working on responses for your questions, however when you talk to the missionaries in Austin ask them these questions also. And when you get a Book of Mormon, read it with excitement. I´ll send you references for that. I just wanted to include this so you know, because it will probably take a long time for my letter to arrive.

For those who know, and those who don´t know, every morning we get the chance to study the scriptures. I feel every morning reinforced the need I have for my Savior. Why would God send His Son to Earth to die? Because we need Him; because he fulfills the very plan of happiness made fore us. I know that Jesus Christ lives now, lifts us up, and loves us always. I don´t know why it is so easy for questions and doubts to naturally invade the human mind, but I do know that through the sweet influence of the Spirit they can be dissipated--replacing them with the comfort and solace that comes from constant truths. Like that of our Savior.

Oh está, todo bien!
Elder Palmer

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