Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9th, 2011

I just got back from visiting Mayan ruins--Tonina it is called. It was a really really big pyramid thing with lots of steps and little habitations and cool art. I decided that this civilization had to be small people and they had to have really strong calves, as there were more stairs than I have seen there. I don´t know if I mentioned it, but Yajalon is in a valley thing, so there are a lot of hills and big staircases in all sides of the city. But not quite as many as Tonina.
I had the opportunity one day to go on exchanges with Elder Hercules! What a treat that was, and we were able to work my area like good old times. I am pretty sure we are going to be companions one day again.
A quick spiritual experience. Tuesday was one of those days. Every lesson fell through, and I felt like we weren´t able to accomplish anything. I felt pretty down that night. Before I went to sleep, I prayed with all my heart and had to humble myself a lot--recognizing my reliance on Him and my need for His help. I prayed for help and the Spirit. The next day, I felt the influence of the Spirit so strong. We had wonderful references from members that we could contact, a day of success, but above all the Spirit of the Lord strengthening us and testifying of the truths that we share. I know God answers our prayers...even our pleas.
One of our investigators got together with one of the members and painted the main room in our little ¨Casa de Oracion¨. Now our little house that used to have holes in the walls and drawings all over, and pink paint, is a solid beige color with leveled walls. It is major progress. I am looking forward to making this little house ours, a little more attractive, and helping people arrive there to feel the weekly strength of God in their lives.
In our area, there are four members of the church that are inactive males with spouses that aren´t members of the church. We are starting to teach them all, and two couples arrived at church this week. I have seen and have such a testimony that the Gospel with strengthen a family more than anything else. Just avoiding addictions and being a ¨good person¨ certainly helps, but I know that to have a faith in Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel brings people together in harmony even more. I have felt how true it is that families can be together...and how important it is.
Being away from my family for a so many other missionaries...has helped me recognize that there is nothing more important than returning to live with our Heavenly Father in happiness, personally and as a family.
I know that all of that is possible through Jesus Christ.
Much love,
Elder Palmer
P.S. In a lot of the areas of the city only gets water every 8 days. And sometimes they skip that day. Normally it doesn´t affect us because our apartment has a reservoir up top, but this past week it did for a little more than a day. We showered with like five gallon water jug thing that we bought. (in spanish they are called Garrafón...much easier than five gallon water jug thing. I don´t know what it would be in English)

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