Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6th, 2011

Entry in Dictionary of Elder Palmer:
Mondungo (Muhn-dun-go): A rubbery part of the cow in a variety of weird shapes and sizes that is hairy and is served in bloody water with Jabanero.  
Just kidding. But every now and then I run into something that isn´t quite so tasty...and, well, from my experience with mondungo, I´m not quite a number one fan. But most of the food is really good.
Difficulty of the week: We had to go to Ocosingo yesterday for Church (and next week for the Ward Conference), and we had everything thoroughly planned. A truck that we could take about 15 people there and back, and a Branch counselor to drive it. We checked every day to assure it would work out, and us and all the investigadors planned on splitting the cost of the gas. At 8:30 PM on Saturday night, the counselor called us and told us he had to leave for something in Tuxtla and wouldn´t be able to come. We had to tell all of the investigators and less actives (more than 13) that were confirmed to leave in the crack of dawn the next morning that we wouldn´t have the truck, and if they wanted to go, they would have to pay the whole passage (lots of money). And for that, no one could make it to Ocosingo on Sunday. That was our difficulty this week. But Elder Walker and I tried to animate one another to keep trucking along with muchas ganas.
Luis y Yadira: Luis is 22 years old and was a member of the Church back many years. His wife is not a member, but has been meeting with us. We have felt a sweet spirit in meeting with them. Often, he turns to tears in expressing his desire to feel what he is feeling more, and to have his questions answered like they have been. His wife has expressed her desire to follow the teachings and be baptized. Their challenge is that their pollería sells almost all of their product on Sunday...which makes church rather difficult for them.
Teresa and her family: Teresa, her children, brother and his family, and a few others who live with them are loving meeting with the missionaries. They have been goinig to church, and say that they feel their normal fears and stress of daily life replaced with the peace that they feel praying, in church, and meeting with us. We are way excited for them, and I know that God has put them in our way for a reason. For some reason, we are funny to them, and they always laugh and say, "Este guerro" a mi o mi compañero. I think they know our names, but they just call us guerro.
I testify of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That He can fix anything, anyone, and make every situation right. I know He is our Savior, and through His plan we have purpose in this life!
Much love,
Elder Palmer
P.S. it is starting to rain a lot here

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