Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th, 2011

Well, it is starting to rain a bunch every day.This picture doesn't really capture it, but it rains hard here! Really hard.

Idon´t have much time to write today, but things are going. This week was pretty difficult with a lot of ups and downs, but to be positive I will share one of the ups.
We were praying and planning to know how to be more effective in contacting people. We had only really been knocking doors and talking to people in the road. We had tried things like to start the conversation in English to grab their attention, and then talk in Spanish...but we didn´t really feel much success with that. We felt impressed to go the University and ask if they have a religion or theology class we could speak with. The Administrator was really excited to meet with us, and he has family members that are members of the church (which is great, because few people here know about the church). In the middle of talking to us he said, "I would like to ask you something...maybe its selfish...but could you teach one of our classes next week and include a little bit of English words?" We were stoked and could see that we were supposed to be where we were. This Wednesday we will teach a class for an hour or two of about 20 students about our beliefs, throwing a bit of "authentic English" here and there.
I don´t know if I have said this, but there are a lot of people here who don´t speak Spanish (haha or English). Many people are Indigenous and natively speak Tseltal or Chol (dialects). We have learned phrases here and there, but not enough to teach a lesson or anything. Oh and the women here that are indigenous have a pretty cool looking dress thing going on with some colorful fabrics. Just thought I would mention that.
We are working hard to become a Branch. We are feeling very unified as companions, and we are trying to stay´positive with the obstacles in our way.
I know that this work is true. God lives. He loves us.
Much love,
Elder Palmer

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