Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 25th, 2011

Ok, I am not going to write much cause I don`t have much time. I am here in San Cristobal for an activity of the zone. We played soccer for hours and hours. I loved it. But I am redder than red. Hello aloe vera in these upcoming days. But we got to know the new president of the mission. He seems like a wonderful man.

A couple of interesting things from the week. We have been finding a lot of new people, which is great, and additionally, we have found luck in finding one or two more people that speak really good English.

Church was very different. Due to vacations, and a couple of other little problems, we had to conduct the church meeting. Our group leader was traveling and called us Sunday morning to tell us to direct church. So we did. There were ten non members there, ten members, and five people visiting from a nearby city that are members. Funny side note...I was talking to a investigator that speaks perfect English before the meeting started, and as I welcomed everybody and announced the first hymn, I realized they were looking at me funny. I was talking in English. So, I laughed and switched back into Spanish mode. Then, (as the members that came were recent converts and a few others that we thought were out of town) Elder Walker and I were the speakers. In our little chicken coop converted into a church building, we have felt a sweet spirit.

Yadira is preparing to get baptized this Friday, if all goes well. Further updates the next week.

I love the work. It is work. But it is wonderful. And wonderfully hard. But, I know that through small and simple things, God can bring great things to pass. I know God lives. That there is not one child of His that has gone forgotten.

Much love,
Elder Palmer

Weñàch añoñ--("I`m good" in Chol...a dialect that in my opinion sounds kind of like Chinese)

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