Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1st, 2011

         The baptism of Yadira. We went in transport for a couple of hours to have the baptism in Ocosingo.
       Here we are with Yadira, Luis, and the parents of Luis...who are now all active members of the
                                            church, and a couple of months ago none of them were.
This is a photo of normal occasions. We often take group rides to places like this. 16 people in a rickety old truck. But everyone (with the exception of Elder Walker and I) are way used to it.

This week was fantastic. I was burnt to a crisp playing soccer, and shed my outer layer on my face. Ha. But now I dont have that problem. Also, we traveled a bunch this week (more than 25 hours in different times). We had Zone Conference with the new mission president, and he is so excited to work hard.

Also, we have found a number of people who are preparing for baptism. A lot, so we are excited about that. And we had a wonderful church service in our upgraded chicken coop with 31 people (2 of the 3 active families were out of town too!).

2 really cool stories this week:
 1) Baptism of Yadira- Yadira has had a lot of opposition from her family, but now has finally taken the step of making a promise to follow God through Baptism. We had a very small service with her, her husband, and her parents in law, with us and some of the other missionaries (have I mentioned that Elder Hercules is STILL in my District...what a blessing in my whole mission, I have only spent 4 weeks away from him). We traveled all the way to Ocosingo with them for the baptism. After the ordinance, while I was changing, I felt the spirit strongly as I heard "the spirit of god" faintly being sung in the background. Yadira bore her testimony afterwards saying that she can´t express how she feels, she just knows that she took a beautiful step closer to her Heavenly Father. Her husband shared how much this meant for him and his family, and how to him he feels like it is a restart...rebirth for him too.

 2) Coolest experience I´ve had with doing service: While traveling to a lesson, we walked by one of our investigators who is preparing for baptism. He was carrying big rocks from a huge pile to the other side of his little house. We decided to help even though he said he didnt need any, knowing that there was absolutely no way we would be able to finish the pile anytime soon. Before we knew it, a couple of other people we had taught (that didn´t even really know the guy we were helping) started to carry rocks with us. After a while, I counted and about 10 people over the age of 18 helping us, and another 10 little kids helping (carrying the little rocks). We finished the huge pile in about 20 minutes. It was awesome! And Victor (the guy we helped who actually has back problems) was quite overwhelmed and grateful. A bunch of people from the neighborhood came out of their houses and started just watching us work.

God lives, Jesus Christ is our Savior, and this church is their´s. I know that is true because I can feel it and see how it just makes sense.

Elder Palmer

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