Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29th, 2011

I do not have many items I wish to share for this blog entry. But, I am happy :)
First, Saturday was such a special day. Anilu and Jordi were baptized in Ocosingo. They are both incredible, and are real converts...setting the stage so that their family members also join the church soon. They have read, prayed, and know the church is true. They have gone to church, had family home evenings, have learned so much, and are such special people. I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach them. Anilu (19 years old) said in the baptismal service that she felt clean, she felt so happy, she felt like she was born again, and that she wanted to follow this path for the rest of her life. Jordi too shared that he felt like as he was baptized he turned his will over to God`s, and felt so happy. There was a very tangible spirit there. Very few people...but all of us were moved. I know that Baptism truly is the door that we enter to follow our Savior.
Once again, the stake presidency called us on a Saturday night and told us the next day we would have to go to Ocosingo. The unexpected is now the expected, as I am used to difficult last minute moments like that...I cannot count the times they have asked us to do that. But hey, all of the members here are growing for it. We had a beautiful church service, and afterwords...talking with the stake president, he told us that he has talked to the Area President about our situation. And says that when Leyver and Luis receive the Priesthood de Melchizedek (sp in english?) we will be able to be a Branch.
We are so happy. Oh, but Elder Walker has a sinus infection. But he is a trooper. Working hard. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for this area, and for these people.
Elder Palmer
     Last week this river started flooding..imagine how much rain that would take, and that is how much rain we get. Oh, and so you know, it is still way hot here even though it rains. And it is way humid. Really.
  This was just a random truck passing that I thought I would take a picture of to give you an idea. I have seen them way more full than that, don't worry haha. When I go, I hold on safer than they are, don't worry.

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