Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 15th 2011

I have been with Elder Walker for over 3000 hours now (we calculated it just a bit ago, while laughing). So, we are realizing that we are repeating so many conversations, haha. But, we have learned so much together--in the great and the hard times. And we do appreciate each other.

Well, we had a couple of "family home evenings" with members and with nonmembers there. We did one yesterday with three young people of 18, 19, and 22 (Brianda, Anilu, and Gordi) They are so stoked, have gone to church a couple of times...and are about ready for baptism. They all are studying at the university, some in different places. Anilu left today for San Cristobal to study, but says she will come back on the 27th of August for her baptism (with Gordi, and Brianda). They are reading so much, and have all received answers from God that it is what he wants them to do. Anilu is actually friends with another investigator (Neydr, another young man...they both speak English) and she told him that she is already Mormon. Haha, that made us smile. We are working with their family members, and see potential there.

Church yesterday was awesome. We had 39 people in our little chicken coop...a new record for Yajalon. (19 members, 2 visitors from Mexico D. F., and 16 non members, and us two elders). Us and about ten nonmembers went together in one of those trucks to church, and the men had to hang on back because it was so full. They aren`t afraid of hurting their bumpers in the back of trucks here, if they let 6 guys stand on it while traveling, ha. But it was very special.

After a questionable ground beef meal, we began to feel sick the other day. In the middle of the night, I was vomiting, and my companion. We didn`t really sleep. The next morning was so hard! We were contacting people, and I am pretty sure we did not look very happy. Oops. But what can you do...we feel better now. We eat Pepto bismol like candy.

Also, we went to try and find this one reference. She told us were it was, and we had no idea, so we went with a member. We drove out about 20 minutes, and then started asking around and walked. We went all through thick jungle, coffee trees, and corn rows, and mango tree, under barbed wire. It was kind of an adventure, and we got a little lost. We finally found a little wooden house. It was so far away (and we were sick so it felt even farther). But, she told us she didn`t think we would have come, and doesn`t really speak Spanish. But hey, we tried. Oh, and you know (according to my theory) when someone speaks Tseltal or Chol and almost no Spanish because they interrupt you every five seconds to say, "oh, bueno" to pretend like they are listening, but we can tell that they don`t understand a word we are saying.

Thats all for right now. Our mission president told all of his missionaries to expect to be in every area 9 months, so I am expecting to stick around even longer in my lovely home of Yajalon.

Mucho amor y animo,
Elder Palmer

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