Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dec. 14th, 2011

Ok. Well, the biggest even of this past week was such an inspiring Zone Conference. I believe it was one of the most motivating and spiritual reunion that I have had. Beforehand, frankly, I think that most of the elders felt a distance between them and our new President. Some had lost trust in him as he made some surprising calls of leadership in the mission. For me, I just didn`t feel like I knew him beforehand very well...however, I think every one left that conference feeling a deep respect for him, a certainty of the inspiration in his actions, and excitement to work. Many of the principles he talked about apply to more than just missionary work.

I don`t have time to share everything, but maybe one or two thoughts. He talked about "telarañas". Literally, it translates as spider webs.  However, in Spanish (in Mexico...I don`t know about other parts) it refers to mental barriers, believing generalizations, excuses, and/or really a lack of faith. He talked about how in the mission, unfortunately, "telarañas" were prevailing. Examples such as: my companion doesn`t work hard, the members don`t help us, there are sooo many inactives, this area never baptizes, I`ve talked to everyone in this neighborhood, they are all Catholic and won`t change, and the list goes on and on. Truly, I was able to recognize the "telarañas" that I had, and the barrier that that is creating between me and success. I felt the inspiring feeling that we are the people God needs, we are in the right place at the right time, and that we can work miracles...if our unbelief doesn`t hinder it.

Also, in the conference, apart from many other things, we played a few Christmas games, sang a few Christmas songs (mom...you’d be proud, I tried doing harmony in small groups haha)...and ate the best i have eaten in the mission. However, for me, the greatest of all was that Elder Hercules came, visiting, from the offices, and Elder Peterson (roommate from MTC too) is now in Tapachula...what a joyful reunion those type of moments can be. I repeat...Elder Hercules is my hero (literally ha!)--he is such a fine missionary. Elder Peterson, too...he was so humble, and has truly worked some grand miracles in his mission!

With the work here, we are trying to apply new principles. We recognize that the obstacle, more than anything, is helping people come to church. Sometimes, I feel like it was easier in Yajalon inviting people to travel 2 hours and pay 100 pesos to go to church than here when it is around the corner. However, we are thinking of new things that we can do to help them.

We are excited for our ward activity we are planning... Triple A (AAA) animo, amor, y activation. We chose 18 families (6 in three neighborhoods) that we will make plates of cookies and go visit this Saturday.

I send my love and testimony, and deep thanks for the prayers on my behalf. I feel the support from them, and pray that the work keeps upward and onward here.


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