Thursday, December 29, 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY. Whoever reads this...I hope Sunday is a wonderful Christmas day for all of ya´ll.
Ok, well, this week was pretty good in some ways, and not great with health for Elder Sanchez. He had Denge a couple of months ago, and has been a little bad this week in his health. We went to the doctor, because he has red eyes, and can´t focus on things very well, among other symptoms. There, we found out, that in these months he has already lost 20 pounds. And he already was a skinny guy...So that has been a little rough for him, but we are still leaving out to work.
Random note: we have a hammock in our house, and I slept in it every night this week...very comfortable.
We had our activity Triple A- animo, amor, y activación on Saturday. Unfortunately, many people had other activities, so we were only like 12-15 people from the Ward. However, it was great...we made plates of goodies, and finished the cards. We divided in groups, and did visits to about 21 different less-actives or investigators. It was a special moment, and those that went became much more excited about missionary work. We truly are gaining the trust of the Ward members, and hope to work on their side this week.
Carlos Hernandez is a funny old man that has 2 grandchildren kidnapped more or less right now. He came to church on Sunday, and later told us that if he comes to know that the Book of Mormon is true, that he will be baptized. Karen is the cousin of an investigator from earlier in the transfer-Fernando. She came to church, loved it, and said she will come next week. Also, we had the pleasant surprise of giving a talk on sunday...and I was grateful for the numerous occasions that we had that in Yajalon to almost make it normal for me.
Spiritual Experience of the week:
We went to the house of a lady in the ward, shared a hymn, and asked for references. She gave us two good references. One of them is named Maria José, and as we began to talk with her she told us that 15 days beforehand, her best friend died. She was angry beforehand with God, and wouldn´t listen to people talk about Him. However, she listened to us...and as we testified of the reality of a life after death, the spirit was so present. I felt a certainty about what we told her. While we walked away from her house, I remembered of many prayers that I had made to God about 7 or 8 months ago pleading Him to help me know with a surety that the plan of Salvation is real. That experience was an answer to my prayer, and I hope that she will progress in the Gospel.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year,

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