Sunday, December 4, 2011

November 28th, 2011

O.K. I don´t have quite as many details to say this week like last week, but I will try for you, Mom. That photo is about the baptism on Saturday of Flor de Maria. She is the lady in my past area (Jardines) that had been waiting to get baptized for four years...and finally got married. We got permission to go to the baptism. Her family is incredible, her and her daughter (who is a member), have such strong testimonies, and I am so grateful for their example to me. The Baptismal service was very very special. She has back problems, and so we were praying that she would be able to submerge 100% without too much pain in the Baptism, and too our great satisfaction it went perfectly without much pain. Afterwards, she had a large meeting with a group of people celebrating her marriage.
In my new area, Xochimilco, we are still having difficulties in finding new investigators. We have been studying, thinking, and trying new ideas to find people. Sometimes, just knocking on a bunch of doors doesn´t seem very effective (even though it is sometimes necessary). So, we are looking for a better way. Our ¨ward¨ has between 55 and 60 people in church on sundays...and we are trying to plan some activities to get them excited. I really admire many of the members here. They are such simple, faithful people. Many of them were pioneers here in Tapachula, and they have stuck to it through thick and thin...truly clinging to the iron rod. However, the numerous inactive members in our area are those lost sheep that we hope to help the members rescue.
Elder Palmer

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