Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2nd, 2012

Where to begin....¡¡¡FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!  ¡¡¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!!! I always love new beginnings. A new month, week, areas, new companions...and certainly a new year!

Christmas was pretty neat. We worked hard, ate great, and then went with a family (Jimenez family) to deliver a bunch of gift baskets that they had made. It was special to see how much love and desires this family had to share with everyone.

I must make the side comment that our neighbors like to throw parties with beer and very loud music. So I´m lucky that I sleep like a rock, because as we woke up and the music and laughter was still going. And in the place chirping crickets, there were a bunch of fireworks these days.

As far as the missionary work goes, we are pretty excited. We had a Christmas activity this Tuesday, and like all of our investigators came. Maybe we should bring barbacoa to the church services to help them have as good attendance there i´m just kidding. But from that, the Bishopric is excited, and say that they are going to go on divisions with us every week to start getting to know all of our investigators.

Isaí is the man who has his leg completely broken in a bunch of parts (I don´t know if I mentioned him...) but we have been working with him, and all of the members know him and are visiting him apart from us too. He is progressing well, and knows that what we share is true. It was neat to see him go to church (the first time he left his bed apart from bathing or going to the hospital in 3 months). These past two Sundays he went, and is preparing to have a special baptism on the 14th of January.

To finish, I want to share how much I love these people here in Chiapas. Of course, I am making sweeping generalizations, but based on the people I have known, there is a very sweet and sincere faith and connection that they have with God. They don´t demand signs to believe, they just believe. They are very sensitive to the Spirit. And it has always impressed me how much they are willing to give, when so often they have so little. I am so grateful for their example to me. I see blatant evidence in their lives that money is not the source of happiness, but finding the way to live in agreement with what you believe.

Much love,
Elder Palmer

P.S.Here are some photos of some seafood that we were eating. That is the way that they eat it here...and it is really tasty. However, I remember my first time that they gave me the fish like that and I was thinking, "they forgot to cook it!" Because it just looked like a fish flopped on my plate. But as I began to ate I realized that it had been fried, and that it tasted pretty normal.

                        Oh, and by the way, I had to work way hard to keep the skeleton so pretty as it is...
                                                        so that is a piece of art really...ha

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