Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9th, 2012

                                         I just sent this cause I know mom would want to see it
                                      A Family Home Evening with Isaí and his son and a few members

                                                           Some of the zone eating Roscas!                   
          Elder Sanchez gave me a Book of Mormon in Tzotzil---awesome! I would love to learn Tzotzil

Roscas...I am sending a photo of some missionaries in our zone with a roscas. For January 6, everyone buys one of these cake things to part (translation by mom=share) it. Inside, there are little plastic men, and if you end up with one of the little plastic men it is imperative that you buy tamales for everyone else. Of course, for beginner´s luck (bad luck) I ended up with two plastic boys! So I´ll be buying tamales for one of the families in our ward.

Well, the mission president has been sending trainings and instructions through the leaders in the mission of the grand importance of working well with the leaders in our Wards. It was inspiring...and very helpful. If I remember right, in Alma 16 (somewhere around verse 15 and 16...I don´t remember perfectly) it refers to Alma and Amulek and there missionary labors. I love how it mentions that they, with the ordained people (or in other words leaders) of the church worked together in faith and unity. And I love the scripture in Hebrews 11:3...God created the world and US with a vision of faith. As we see with the eye of faith what we could create and do...surely we can pierce the barriers of unbelief and work miracles.

Isaí has been through so much in his life...really hard things. We hope that all goes well, and that he can fulfill his goal to get baptized this saturday. President Jimenez (of the Stake Presidency) will baptize him if all goes well. We really are grateful for the chance to teach him, and hope that the spirit will continue working in him. The wonderful thing about Isaí is he wants to learn soo much. Even though he doesn´t have much education, he loves to read and so he is learning a lot.

My companion, Elder Sanchez, is a good guy. We are really working on building unity, and I hope that God can use us for good in the Ward. Also, our Bishop has been bishop for 8 years now...but he is excited, and we went on divisions with him this week.

Yesterday night everything had fallen...our plans were worn out. So we began knocking doors. The first door we knocked we found a woman moving from a house to another down the street with her little kid. We helped her carry the last belongings, and began to talk to her. She has had soo many difficulties this year, and said that she has always wanted a place to just go and learn about Jesus Christ. It was pretty cool to explain to her that that is what we do in Church...we just go and learn about Jesus Christ and God; we learn about how we can follow them. Also, I am certain that God prepared her for us to find, whether or not she decides to get baptized.

I testify that God answers our prayers. This week, I have asked many things that I have felt important...that could seem insignificant, and he has helped me, our companionship, and our area. Also, in Church yesterday, I felt the spirit fill me with just a simple desire to be better. That is what the Gospel makes us better people. With more love. More obedience. More happiness.

I know Christ just makes sense! He made the way to fill the gap between what we can do and what we can´t do. Also, as we learn about Him, we can just feel that it is true.

Elder Palmer

                                                              Need to use the restroom?
                                    Everyone here has parrots as their pets. It is pretty awesome...
                                  But I always have bad luck as they let their waste go on my finger

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