Monday, January 16, 2012

January 15th, 2012


What a week! I remember in the Christmas call to the house Jasmine told me to look for the ways God works in our life every day, and seriously there have been so many little blessings from this week that I am grateful for!

First off, Isai got baptized and confirmed a member of the church! It was way special, and the baptismal service was short, sweet, and certainly what he needed. Even with his broken leg, he was able to get baptized standing up. President Jimenez, of the Stake Presidency here, was able to baptize him, and Mauricio Soliz Mendez, 1st counselor of the ward and the person that gave him as a reference, was able to confirm him. Now, we will try to work with our Ward Missionaries (2 young men preparing for the mission) to review all of the principles and lessons.

Also, during the Baptismal service, my companion got a call...from Presidente Cardenas (our Mission President). He stepped outside and came back in to tell me that President, with the Assistants were on their way to our church building. So that was a surprise, as the mission office is more than 6 hours than here. However, unfortunately, they didn´t arrive until 20 minutes after the baptism, and we were the only people left. We had interviews and talked with the assistants. They were very short, but brought a lot of excitement. They have a desire that we work hard and deserve to baptize people that are truly converted every week, so that we can use our time the most effectively in the salvation of souls. They shared many suggestions in ways to work with the ward and everything, but--as they were leaving--they said, "Now even if the results don´t show what you want, don´t let it affect your excitement for the work!". How true that principle should be for whatever facet of life.

The Mission President says that unless our Ward is functioning perfectly with the Mission Plan and Mission Leader, etc...then we should be contacting 140 people in the week. 20 people every day, apart from our planned lessons. Elder Sánchez and I hope to be talking with everyone in this weeks that come. We get along really every companionship inventory we talk about everything, but we are always so surprised because we still haven´t had any argument or anything in 9 weeks.

Yesterday, we also had a spiritual experience, we prayed to know where to contact...and afterwards Elder Sanchez and I said ok after 3 we will say the street we are thinking...1...2...3...and we both said "chicharras". A street nearby. Then, Elder Sánchez prayed that we would find a family prepared to listen to the gospel and accept the ordinances. The first house we knocked ran us out, but the second house we went to we found a special family that didn´t even live there, but were visiting. We could see that God had put them in our way as they shared that they are legally married, don´t attend any church, etc...What a blessing...if we ask God specifically, He will answer specifically.

Also, yesterday in Church, the secretary of our Ward brought one of his students (he teaches in the university to become a veterinarian) to church. Her name is Alicia, and she is so prepared for the Gospel. She already can feel that the church is true. She said that she doesn´t really understand the Bible yet, but that the Book of Mormon has come alive for her. We are excited to teach her this week, and help her move (she will be moving from another city to our area).

I am super grateful to be a missionary. And I am grateful that God is strengthening us to overcome the difficulties.

I am completely convinced of the message and doctrine that we share...because I know for myself that it is true and has brought me closer to God.


P.S. It is hotter than ever down here. I met a guy that lived in Houston, Texas here and he was saying how cold he was when he lived there. Ha!

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