Thursday, January 26, 2012

                                                              My seat broke while studying.
                                                 I tried to teach Elder Sanchez to juggle eggs
One of the kids in our ward.

Well, a couple of people mentioned that they heard about our 6.5 earthquake that happened this week and, yes, the epicenter was in Mapastepec (I think...thats what some people said) which is quite close to here. We were just walking in the street when we felt the shaking a bit. To us it didn´t seem like much, I suppose because we must have had a little bounce in our step and we were outdoors. However, everyone left their houses and were looking around a little nervously and scared, and afterwards we heard from people that were indoors that it did cause a good little shaking on the houses etc. So that was kind of cool for me...I think that was my first earthquake. But, no, there isn´t any damage that I saw.

Well, it has been a good week. Last week, we were all stoked to talk to everyone this week, and we were able to talk to more than a 100 contacts in that was good to set a goal and get pretty close to it. Also, we found a lot of blessings from talking to people, because this week we have found many people that want to progress, attend church, and make a promise with God through Baptism.

The Díaz Gómez family: Last Sunday, we visited a family that we had contacted while walking in the street. They are two parents, five kids, and a bunch of relatives that live nearby. We arrived to the lesson we had set with them, and it was great to see them with two extra seats pulled out ready to listen to us. We visited them a couple times this week, and they are progressing well. Also, yesterday, the mom, 5 kids, and a cousin came to church (the dad--named Gamaliel--couldn´t come for his work, but he is excited to come later). They live in one of the neighborhoods a good bit far away, but we are excited for them. They said that if they receive an answer to their prayers that they will be baptized on February 18th. 

The García Girón couple: We found a couple who have had kids that are active in the church, ex-missionaries, they have attended church, but never been baptized. They are really special people, and want to get legally married in the upcoming weeks and be baptized once they do that. 

We are teaching a number of other people, and truly I am so grateful that we have that opportunity. There are always times with few people or a ton of people progressing. But I am finally learning how these people that we get to teach, or these families that want to progress are children of God that He has entrusted with us to help them grow. I am learning how these blessings are not because we are such amazing people or things like that, simply that we tried a little harder and God, in turn, blessed us with the opportunity to help others. That might not have made any sense...but I tried, and if I had time I would revise it better. Haha. 

Elder Sánchez is really a good guy, and we are both expecting (and good with the idea) a third transfer together. Its interesting, because we are sooooo different, but we get along well. His birthday is this thursday...but, shh don´t tell anyone! 

A lot of times drunk people tell me how much they hate Americans and how racist they think I am...and I love surprising them by telling them that I love Chiapanecos! The people here are naturally just very good people.

Hasta luego familia y amigos,


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